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How to Get to Cinfães

The official airport for the European Mountain Running Championships 2021 is Porto Airport (OPO), located about 80 km from Cinfães, where the LOC will provide adequate welcome services.
Upon arrival at Porto Airport, the teams will be met by LOC representatives. The Welcome Desk shall be situated at the Porto Airport arrivals terminal and will be open from Tuesday 29 June, depending on travel schedules. If members of the participating Federations are planning to arrive earlier they will have to contact the LOC well in advance to make sure specific arrangements are made.
After collecting luggage, team members will be escorted to the official buses by the Welcome Desk staff and taken to the teams´ hotels, approximately 70 to 80 minutes from Porto Airport, depending on the traffic conditions.
There will be no Welcome Desk neither at the main railway station in Porto nor at Mosteiro/Caldas Aregos station. Teams arriving by train will be met by LOC representatives and taken to the teams´ hotels, according to the arrival times given in the final entry system.
Teams arriving by car are kindly requested to go directly to their hotels where representatives from the LOC will welcome them.
Transportation between the teams´ hotels and the various venues, including official and social functions, will be guaranteed by the LOC.

Travel to Cinfães